English to Azerbaijani Meaning :: perpendicular

şaquli, əmudiəmud
Perpendicular :
- şaquliperpendicularityşaqulidikmelerini

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Noun(1) a straight line at right angles to another line(2) a Gothic style in 14th and 15th century England; characterized by vertical lines and a four-centered (Tudor(3) a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity; used to determine the vertical from a given point(4) an extremely steep face
Adjective(1) intersecting at or forming right angles(2) at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line(3) so steep as to be nearly veritcal

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(1) Without changing your elbow angle, keep your left elbow glued to your side and rotate your left shoulder, raising your forearm vertically as far as you can, aiming for a perpendicular position.(2) Then, since both semicircles are perpendicular to the plane ABC, so is their line of intersection QN.(3) The bending plane is normally perpendicular to the axis of the central pair.(4) Just like the Earth, Saturn's rotational axis is not perpendicular to the plane of its orbit.(5) The minor axis is perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the galaxy.(6) These layer lines are perpendicular to the fiber axis in real space.(7) The Round Tower was remodelled, and then ranges of new buildings in the perpendicular style were erected around the Upper Ward to provide better accommodation and perhaps to enhance the castle's skyline.(8) The long axis and the perpendicular of each wheal were measured and mean wheal size calculated.(9) These bundles are interspersed, and may extend in all directions though they are largely perpendicular to the outer surface.(10) Before proceeding, however, you must check to be sure these two layout lines are perfectly perpendicular to each other.(11) The horizontal grid lines are perpendicular to the centerline.(12) An anamorph image is produced when the axis of the lens or pinhole is not perpendicular to the film plane.(13) Now rotate the molecule 120Ôö¼Ôûæ about an axis which is perpendicular to the molecular plane and which passes through the central A atom.(14) When the angle of vision is small every visual ray will be nearly perpendicular to the picture plane.(15) This implies that the chain was tilted with respect to the surface, while the adenine group was perpendicular to the surface.(16) For insertion in the proximal tibia, the spinal needle is directed inferiorly at a 45-degree angle from the perpendicular .
Related Words
(1) perpendicular bisector ::
dik tənbölən
(2) perpendicular to ::
1. upright ::
2. at right angles ::
sağ bucaq
3. steep ::
4. vertical ::
5. plumb line ::
plumb line
6. perpendicular style ::
dik stil
1. flat ::
2. recumbent ::
Different Forms
perpendicular, perpendicularity, perpendicularly, perpendiculars
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